Project Details

Duration: Feb 2016 - Apr 2016

Role: Interaction Designer

Skills: ideation, storyboarding, prototyping, mockups, animation, video editing

Deliverables: concept video

Cross-Device Language Exchange

lingua! is a conceptual multi-modal application that facilitates language exchange between people all across the globe. Users can teach their native languages while learning new ones from others.


problem space

Without the opportunity for total language immersion, people tend to learn foreign languages through school, worksheets, flashcards, and tests. Many online or mobile learning tools are structured similarly by using vocabulary flashcards, sound clips, and short quizzes.

Even with a language partner ready to answer questions, new concepts and terms prove difficult to internalize. Overall, the process of learning a foreign language is a multi-faceted challenge.

Traditional Learning Methods

Outside of lesson podcasts, books, and videos, self-directed language learners also try to artificially immerse themselves by changing phone or mobile app language settings or choosing to watch foreign media with native language subtitles.

Language Learning Applications

I also surveyed a number of precedents to my cross-device concept. Duolingo, Memrise, Lingvist all focused on lesson-based learning, while busuu, SharedTalk, and Livemocha encouraged learning through direct conversation.



Live Transcript for Audio & Video

The application will generate a real-time transcript that can be viewed and annotated. The tab will feature the main audio/video interaction; the user can choose to open the transcript view in a pad and save transcribed clips to a shared library.

Built-in Search & Translation

This feature removes the hassle of switching between chat and dictionary; answers to linguistic queries will be easy to discover and use.

Collaborative Language Repository

Media saved from chats, video calls, and the internet will create a comprehensive library that in turn generates impromptu lessons, term clarifications, and modern slang. Users can also share these records with other app users.



high fidelity mockups

Featured below are a few major interactions possible with the lingua! system. The user can receive audio clips with auto-generated transcripts, define and save new vocabulary words, and get instant translations. 

Richer cross-device interactions are available when the devices are in range of one another (as depicted in the concept video).